No, I’m not the antagonist from Disney’s Tomorrowland. Although ruling a futuristic utopia sounds fun, I’m really a software developer. I live in Denver with my amazing wife and daughter.

During the day, I code iOS and Go. For fun, I code mostly Go. My latest endeavor is convincing startups to use Go. I used to write a lot of Ruby and Rails. But no longer, thank goodness.

The blog is about code and startups. And it’s brand new. So, I’m not sure how it’s going to evolve. Programming is hard. I want to help others over stumbling blocks I faced. I hope to self-publish a book or two.

In a nutshell:

  • My thoughts align with Bob Martin, Martin Fowler, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson.

  • I embrace the unix philosophy. Do one thing well and let me compose using libraries that also embrace the unix way.

  • I’m a unit test freak. If I can’t test it, I’ll find another way.

  • I’m a rabid fan of Google’s Go programming language (aka Golang).

  • My dying words will be “composition over inheritance”.


I am available for part-time consulting. I have extensive experience architecting iOS apps for long-term maintainability and stability. My first born and employment at CirrusMD prevent me from contract work. Please contact me using a method below.